• Capellini spaghetti, 200 g
  • Dried minced beef, 100 g
  • Dried roasted onion, 50 g
  • Water, 7 dl




This dish is for very long trips in the wilderness, both in the summer and winter, and therefore is lightweight, quick, nutritious, and has long shelf life, even in hot weather.

At home, fry 300 g minced beef. Add salt. Dehydrate the meat, reducing its weight to 100 g. Buy capellini spaghetti with a cooking time of 3 min. Buy dried roasted onion.

In the wilderness, boil 7 dl water. Add first the beef and directly afterwards the spaghetti. Stir well. It's quite possible to get both the meat and the pasta perfectly cooked without having to pour away any excess water. Serve. Add the dried onion. Enjoy!