• 300-400 gr Sausages (Chef's choice: Chorizo)
  • 2-4 Potatoes
  • 1 Vegetable soup mix
  • Black Pepper Cream Cheese
  • Fresh juniper needles or berries
  • Butter




Here's an easy dish that doesn't require much time or effort. This can be done over a bonfire or on your stove.

Start by cutting sausages in edible pieces. Add some butter to your kettle and fry those sausages on it. While you wait for them to cook, chop up potatoes in to small cubes.

Once your sausages look nice and ready, add a cup of water to the kettle along with potatoes, vegetable soup mix, cream cheese and a handful of juniper needles for flavor. Keep adding more water so that the potatoes are covered.

Boil the mixture until potatoes are well done (15-20 minutes), serve with rye bread and wheat beer.