• 1 cup of flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp. backing powder
  • 4 tbs. sugar
  • 4 tbs. sunflower oil or some butter
  • 1 pack vanilla sugar *
  • a pinch of salt *
  • water
  • cinnamon *
  • (* it works without it)




Just imagine , you're sitting at the fire and you get fancy for a warm piece of cake.
Hey, that's no problem. Put more wood on the fire to get a nice firebed and start to bake...

While the fire burns down you can make the dough.

Put all ingredients into a pot of your cookset and start to stir. Add water bit by bit til you get a smooth dough.
If you have done this, take a pan (or another pot) and butter it. The pan should have a diameter of 18 cm and a height of 4-5 cm minimum so that the cake can rise enough.
Now tip the dough into the pan and put some fruits on top of it. You can take whatever you have. Apples, cherries or plums for example. Without it, it will be also a delicious pie. Finally sprinkle the pie with sugar and cinnamon. After that take aluminum foil and wrap it around the pan. Take a knife or a tooth pick and make four little holes into the foil.

Its time to prepare your firebed. Take a limb and make a flat area. Now you need three fist-sized stones.
Put them on the flat firebed and place the pan on it. You need this to get a little distance, otherwise the pie gets burned.
For upper heat take some little pieces of coal and lay them on the wrapped pan.

Bake it for 25 minutes.

Time is over? Hell yeah!
Tear it up like a Christmas gift and enjoy it!
But be careful. Really hot!