• 2x100g Rump steak
  • 400g Sweet potato
  • 100g Chanterelle
  • 50ml Olive oil
  • 25g butter
  • salt
  • pepper
  • curry




The steak is one of the most beautiful outdoor meal. This recipe is easy to make for a beginner and easier to enjoy. Buy two slice of rump steak. The best steak meat is really soft and has a dark color. The chanterelle is could be foraged or bought on the farmers market.

Cook the peeled and sliced sweet potato for 20-30 minute, until it becomes really soft. Drain the potato, and put it back in the pot. Put the butter in it, and start to mash with a fork. After the sweet potato is mashed, pour some olive oil in it, and start to make a puree with your fork. When you finished, the puree will be smooth and soft. Put some salt and fresh grinded petter and just a little bit of curry for the exotic taste. Keep your pot heated.

Place a pan on your Onja stove and heat it up with olive oil. When its hot, place the steak and the chanterelle in it. Turn a steak when it has a crust on the side. Use a meat thermometer to get a rare (55 Celsius) or medium (60 Celsius) steak. When the meat is ready, the chanterelle is also ready. Put everything on your plate or better on wooden board and season with fresh salt and pepper. Side it with the wonderful sweet potato pure and enjoy your outdoor dinner. Don't forget to bring your favorite wine or beer.