• 2 slices of white toast
  • 1 slice Sipulitee sausage
  • 1 spring onion
  • cucumber sauce
  • mustard
  • ketchup




(Recipe originates from a person from Pori-town, similar idea like a Hamburger)

This is a Finnish recipe that goes back all the way to the 1950’s, from when student’s from the Pori area at Helsinki University decided to sell something special from their street kitchen. They launched the Porilainen fastfood. It’s thick slice of the so called Hunter sausage in between two pieces of toast. The original Porilainen is served simply with onion, cucumber sauce, mustard and ketchup.
Nowadays Porilainen is a nice piece of history and the perfect food for any sunny picnic. It’s quick and easy to make with a two burner stove, a toast grade and a burn grid.

Toast the toasts until they are golden on both sides. At the same time grill the sausage on both sides. With a two burner stove, two slices of toast an one slice of sausage take the same amount of time and nothing gets cold.

The original Hunter sausage isn’t available anymore, but basically all sausages work. In this recipe I used Sipulitee sausages, which is the cheapest kitchen sausage in Finland.

Place the warm sausage on the toast. Add sliced onion and the other goodies from tubes. Serve with a paper bag to avoid spillage.