• 100 g canned pork-beef
  • 50 g mashed potatoes powder (chives flavour)
  • 50 g Koskenlaskija cheese spread




Finnish Guerillas were very proud and famous at war time. They made long journeys to get behind of enemy lines. During these journeys, they carried all foods with them. Food that needed to be well conserved, light and full of energy. Still in modern time we talk about ”guerilla food”, which meet the same standards. This recipe isn’t a original war time recipe but it could be, but mostly it's a recipe to show respect to those heroes.

Canned Pork-Beef was and still is a good way to keep meat in good condition in very very very long time. It doesn't matter how hot or wet the weather gets, canned food lives for years.

You can make this meal in one stove and one kettle.
Open the tin and fry the pork-beef until a nice brown color. Then add 1,5 dl water. Boil it and add mashed potato powder. Stir for a few minutes and leave on the stove to set for a while. Keep the flame low as a wide open flame will burn the potatoes easily. To make the taste ”softer” just add some cheese spread, any kind. I used Koskenlaskija cheese, which is the original cheese that the Finnish soldiers ate when at war behind the lines. To make this Guerilla Casserole more modern sundried tomatoes and olives are great flavours to add.