• A fair harvest of chanterelles from today
  • A Shallot bought from home
  • A clove of garlic
  • A dash of full fat cream
  • Pasta of your choice
  • Some nibs of parsley
  • Salt and peppar




This recipe is great for autumn-time, when the mushrooms grow wild in the forest and you can cook them directly in the nature. In Sweden chanterelles is pretty much the same as gold and most people keep the good spots secret. So all you need is a little bit of (chanterelle)-luck and some ingredients from home and you're promised a tasty treat in the outdoors. 

Simply fry the onions in your Primus frying pan together with the chanterelles and some salt. 

When cooked for a few minutes and all the moist from the chanterells has vapoured, add the cream and let cook together a little more

When the pasta is ready place that too in the pan, give it a few turns and spice it up with some parsley, salt and peppar - tadaa!

Enjoy hot together with a stunning view out in the wild!