• - Four slices of dark or light bread.
  • - Cream cheese
  • - 30 strawberries
  • - Honey for topping
  • - Butter for roasting




Bruschetta is in the original recipe roasted bread with garlic and tomatoes, but I choose red strawberries instead! Here is the direction to make the dish, which is best to make in the summer when the berries are red and sweet :-)

Heat up your Primus, and find a pan to fry the bread. The bread should be roasted golden on each side. When finish, put on the cream cheese, and add strawberries in slices. On the top, put so much honey you want ;-) It is important that the honey is liquid. Finish!! Eat and enjoy! This is simple and yummy food for your hiking in the mountains or in the woods! I made it by a small lake in the woods, with just some birds visiting. Calm and quiet, just like I wanted it! Bon appetite! :-)