• 500gr butter
  • 2kg fresh entrecôte
  • 5dl cream
  • 1/2 jar (100gr) pickled garlic and pepperoni




First, make sure you can make fire! Don't use crappy wet wood. That just doesn't cut it. Start a fire. No cheating using a lighter or something like that. Use a Primus fire-starter. If you're not able to fix that, this recipe is not for you.

When the fire is going put a big ppt in the fire and helt it up. Butter is good therefore add a package. 500gr is good, more is better. Let it melt. Enjoy the sound of that butter mill.

In the meantime cut that big piece of entrecĂ´te in small chunks. Make sure the pieces are small enough to fit your mouth and big enough to fill it. Then throw it in the pot!

Make sure to sear the meat well. When the meat is nice and fine (...that is all up to you to decide when that is...). You pour in all the cream. No drooling in the stew! Make it boil for a while and then add the pickled garlic and pepperoni and let it all sit for a while. A while is approximately 12 minutes and 23 seconds, give or take a few seconds.

Now, just eat and enjoy! The meat is one thing the sauce is another! No need for anything else.

Best served when the weather is shitty or you feel like spicing your outdoor life up a little.