Cleaning up

Our water is a precious resource and it's important to keep your dirty dishes and any chemicals away from it. Fellow campers will also use it for drinking water and finding foam or leftovers where they'll take their water is never appealing.

If you're just out for the day, making your dishes at home is easier. Bring a reusable bag or the CampFire Utility Sack to put your dirty dishes in. Forget about them for a while and deal with the mess once you get home.

If you're out for two or more days, cleaning as you go will keep the experience nicer. There are many tips and tricks how to best clean your gear, but number one rule is to stay away (at least 80 steps) from any water source and to not use chemical cleaning detergent.

Here are a few cleaning up tips & tricks:

  • To make cleaning easier, bring a sponge for cleaning and a little cloth for wiping dishes dry. Store the sponge inside your cooking gear.

  • If you don't have a sponge, use what nature provides – a handful of grass, leafs or sand.

  • Use your largest pot or the CampFire Utility sack to carry water in, as well as a sink.

  • Most of the time, boiling water is enough to get rid of any grease and dirt. Boil some extra water and leave it soak the dishes while enjoying food. Or when water is sca

    rce, drink it

    as a soup!

  • Olive oil added to boiling water or additional oil in your meal makes cleaning easier.

  • When cooking over open fire, mix some of the wood ash with water and leftover grease from the pot to create a natural cleanser.

  • If you use detergent, find a biodegradable option for your outings and use it sparingly.

  • When finished, scatter the water around in the area rather than dumping it on a single spot.

  • Dry everything with a cloth or let it air dry. Most bacteria needs moisture to grow.

Remember that what you pack with you, must also leave with you. Always bring all your rubbish, left overs and used gas canisters back home to recycle.