How to make your foodstuff last longer

One of the challenges when being away from a kitchen and fridge for a few days is to keep the food fresh. But don't stress, there are quite a few things you can do to make your foodstuff last longer.

  • When choosing meat, go for cured meat or bacon and spiced smoked sausages. These contain either more salt or are smoked or dried and thus, will last longer.

  • Freeze your meat before putting it in the cooler. To keep it frozen for longer make sure to marinate it beforehand as the marinade will act as a cooling block.

  • Make sure to eat your fresh food during the first days.

  • Vacuum package your foodstuff will prolong the life of most ingredients.

  • Choose your ingredients. Pick cabbage and kale instead of fresh salad leafs for your salad. They will last for weeks and are great for salads.

  • Bring dried food. You can buy both dried vegetables, mushrooms and meat in the stores. But it's also quite easy to dry your own food.

  • Bring egg and milk powder instead of fresh, and use oil instead of butter.

  • Bring dense bread like bagels and tortillas as they will last longer.

  • Mix dry ingredients for bread and pancakes and add water on the spot to splurge with some freshly baked bread or breakfast pancakes.